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Ingest, Analyze, and Act on Large Data Sets in Real-time for Fast Decisions

The InsightEdge Platform provides an always-on, high performance, and linearly scalable operationalized data lake store. In addition, indexing across any data type (object, JSON, Geospatial, Text) for ultra-fast queries as well as full data set scans. By combining Spark, the architecture is able to provide data engineers and scientists with a simplified approach to create machine learning models for forecasting, risk analysis, predictive maintenance, customer profile classifications, and price optimizations.


Immediately access fresh data as it comes in, as opposed to non-real time data lakes. Use standard APIs for querying and analytics, and benefit from indexing and ACID consistency.

Analyze and get insights on the spot not only for cold data but also for hot and warm data. JDBC compliance allows you to use all major BI tools such as Microsoft Excel, Power BI, Qlikview, Tableau and more.

Leverage horizontal scaling for predictable performance. Our query engine is designed from the ground up for execution of intensive workloads concurrently and extreme performance.

Analyze up to 100 terabytes of data and control where the data resides based on performance needs and cost optimization.

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