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Analyze Terabytes of Data in In-Memory Performance at X20 Lower Cost

Create a distributed data fabric to store data across RAM, SSD, Storage Class Memory and Persistent Memory transparently, to accelerate access to data, maximize processing and run real-time advanced analytics and AI on terabytes of data.

With the MemoryXtend multi-tiered storage solution, you can match your preferences for data prioritization and access patterns in any granularity (per application, table or field).

Control where your hot, warm and cold data resides to balance between performance and cost. This ensures that your most important data resides in the fastest data storage tier to optimize the business results of each application while lowering total cost of ownership (TCO). For business continuity, MemoryXtend also supports near-real-time parallel initial load of huge datasets.


Power instant insight to action with GigaSpaces’ InsightEdge Platform, fast-data, in-memory computing platform that unifies analytics, AI, and transactional processing for instant insight to action for optimized business impact. Perform instant actions on hot data stored on lower-cost storage-tier at in-memory speed.

Enjoy the speed of RAM using the volume of SSD, Storage Class Memory and Persistent Memory. MemoryXtend stores indexes in RAM to ensure fast query execution (near-RAM performance) and queries relevant data from the different tiers seamlessly

Ensure zero downtime, with hot backup and automatic, instant recovery from failure, as well as multi-dimensional monitoring capabilities to quickly locate operational and functional problems.

Control your growing data with MemoryXtend module. You can define which data is “hotter” based on business needs and choose where to store it – SSD, Storage Class Memory, Persistent Memory or RAM. MemoryXtend will automatically query the relevant tier to fetch the right data for you. The MemoryXtend module allows you to prioritize specific data in RAM to ensure millisecond performance close to the business logic, without transaction delays from physical I/O, database connection pool or network bandwidth issues.

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