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Deploy GigaSpaces Platform anywhere using Kubernetes to automate deployment, scaling and management at scale

Seamlessly deploy our GigaSpaces Platform on a cluster orchestrated by Kubernetes. This deployment allows key building blocks for cloud-native deployment utilizing Kubernetes’ auto-deployment capabilities of InsightEdge and XAP data services and Machine Learning frameworks. Kubernetes’ high availability architecture allows orchestration automation for auto-scaling and self-healing across different data and management pods.


Deploying InsightEdge and XAP in a Kubernetes environment provides a seamless, automated, cloud-native experience on any cloud service, on-premise or hybrid environments

Using Helm, you can simply go to a market place, click on a button, and the most complex application is deployed, automatically easily, and seamlessly.

Kubernetes allows for:

*  Automatic scaling, auto-recovery, and self-healing 

*  Multi-tenancy support with full isolation

*  Automatic load balancing between nodes and data pods

With real-time monitoring of livelihood and self-healing, you can auto-detect pod failure and seamlessly bring them back up based on pre-defined SLA and metrics.
Rolling upgrades are seamlessly supported with no downtime

You can automatically scale up and down using predefined metrics. Customized scaling rules according to personalized SLA, based on production needs.

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To learn more about the value you can gain when real-time analytics meets Kubernetes, watch the on-demand webinar.

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