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Introducing GigaSpaces GigaPro Consultancy and Services

We offer a range of consultancy and professional service packages for you to choose from. Find the right one for your specific needs.

Consultancy Tracks

Big Data

  • Big Data Architecture and Machine Learning on premise and on cloud/ML
  • Data Lake and BI Visualization acceleration


  • Cloud migration Journey (Hybrid Cloud)
  • Multi-region and cloud replication
  • Using Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes

Performance Tuning

  • Performance: Tuning & Optimization
  • Intelligent Data tiering (RAM, SSD, Persistent Memory and Hadoop)

Professional Services Packages

Jump Start

Supporting new projects from initial needs analysis to a working development environment.

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Assisted Development

Supporting development activities.

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Go Live

Supporting project transition from development to production state.

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Technical Account Management

Supporting the full incorporation of GigaSpaces product portfolio across the enterprise.

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Assisted Development

Supporting peak time loads, introduction of new application, or other key changes.

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Upgrade Support

Upgrade to the latest version with the help of our consulting experts.

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  • Cycle Times
  • Deployment Risks
  • Leverage Technology
  • Project Stages

Shorten Project Cycle Times

Reduce deployment time by over 30% compared to unassisted deployment.

Minimize Deployment Risks

Apply our risk management methodology designed for mission-critical application rollouts and your project’s specific needs.

Leverage GigaSpaces Technology to its Fullest Extent

Identify key design and development activities and optimize the use of our products by consulting with our experienced professional services team.

Meet the Needs of Every Project Stage

Adjust the scope of our services to your business requirements, from first analysis, through development, testing, and performance tuning, up to production.

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