In-Memory Computing Summit Europe 2019

June 3, 2019 - June 4, 2019
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In-Memory Computing Summit Europe 2019

Join the in-memory computing community for two days of learning and networking. Hear from users, vendors and industry experts about best practices, emerging use cases, and the latest technology solutions at the only global conference that covers the full range of in-memory computing technologies.

Event Details

The In-Memory Computing Summit Europe 2019 is the only in-memory computing conference which focuses on the full range of in-memory computing-related technologies and solutions. Attendees will learn about the role of in-memory computing in the digital transformation of enterprises. The conference is attended by technical decision makers, business decision makers, architects, CTOs, developers and more who make or influence purchasing decisions about in-memory computing, Big Data, Fast Data, IoT and HPC solutions. Hosted in London, the event is a meeting place for in-memory computing experts from across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and beyond.


GigaSpaces is excited to announce its participation at the IMC summit Europe  2019 in London.  Our Director of Innovation, Tal Doron, will be presenting two sessions:

How NLP Is Helping a European Financial Institution Enhance Customer Experience
Edward 1-4  | 11:55 – 12:45 | June 3rd

Great customer experience can differentiate your company in highly competitive markets, as customers become more knowledgeable and demanding. Service agents that provide the correct responses quickly and efficiently both enhance customer experience and also reduce the time the agent spends on the line – lowering operational costs.

In this session, we will present how a leading IT Service Provider for financial institutions is leveraging NLP to match cases on their CRM system to live service calls via case and subject. The system responds with sub-second latency displaying the top responses for the agent to refer to. The solution runs on an in-memory distributed real-time analytics platform which is able to create continuous learning models based on each transaction, ensuring the most updated models for smarter and faster insights.

In-Memory Computing Meets Kubernetes
Albert 2-3 |  14:40 – 15:30 | June 3rd

Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for containerized application deployment. Kubernetes can be used in any type of environment–on-premise, cloud, or hybrid–and is supported by every major cloud providers. In this session Yoav will focus on how to deploy multi-region data centers with Kubernetes clusters for real-time access to live operational data at sub-second latencies. Data stored in-memory is replicated asynchronously and no database is required to replicate data over the WAN. He will also cover the logic of tiered storage and how to implement it on Kubernetes to optimize access to SSDs and Storage Class Memory – allowing a hybrid storage model where data is stored according to the priority set by the application. By customizing hot data selection, the importance of data is dynamically controlled to utilize RAM for critical while saving (evicting) the desired data to multi-tiered data storage layers.



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