Thoughts on the Current and Future State of Microservices

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While Microservices provide tremendous benefits, they are not a free lunch. Learn about the techniques used to solve their challenges. A recent interview conducted by DZone's Tom Smith with GigaSpaces' Niv Ingberg, Solution Architect and Technical Product Manager yielded an interesting discussion on the current and future state of Microservices, how [...]

The Seven Most Popular APIs in Big Data – Part 2

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Many APIs, Same Data In “The Seven Most Popular APIs in Big Data—Part One,” I described the various forms of popular data management APIs out there and how they’re often used. As I noted toward the end of the post,...

Using SSD As A Foundation For New Generations Of Flash Databases

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“You just can't have it all” is a phrase that most of us are accustomed to hearing and that many still believe to be true when discussing the speed, scale and cost of processing data. To reach high speed data...

The next big thing in big data: fast data

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The big data movement was pretty much driven by the demand for scale in velocity, volume, and variety of data. Those three vectors led to the emergence of a new generation of distributed data management platforms such as Hadoop for...

PaaS as Infrastructure

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The blurring line between PaaS and IaaS The core of IaaS services is centered around Compute, Storage Network however over the past years the infrastructure moved up the stack and includes more application services such as Database as a Service,...

Cloudify and IBM InfoSphere BigInsights

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Following Nati’s blog post about big data in the cloud, this post is focused on Cloudify’s integration with IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, diving into the integration specifics and how to get your feet wet with running the Cloudify BigInsights recipe  hands-on. … Continue reading

Lessons from the Heroku/Amazon Outage

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Earlier this week we experienced the third significant AWS outage in the past 14 months, as reported by Justin Lee in his report Heroku, Pinterest Among Sites Knocked Offline in Amazon Data Center Outage on theWhirr magazine: An Amazon data...