Terracotta ehCache vs. GigaSpaces Cache benchmark

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Are you Really using the Fastest and Most Scalable Cache with your Application? We are hearing lately reports from several accounts "discovering" that Terracotta ehcache is not the fastest and most scalable cache out there. GigaSpaces local cache actually performs much better. With the benchmark results below we see GigaSpaces [...]

Possible Impossibility – The Race to Zero Latency

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I recently read a book called: "Physics of the Impossible" by the theoretical physicist Michio Kaku. Dr. Kaku lists "Possible Impossibilities" and classifies these into different categories where all these "impossibilities" may happen in the near/distant future. When talking about "zero latency", I consider this something we can achieve today. The [...]

new and modified best practices

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Our best practices wiki is growing rapidly and full with good and useful material. Here are few new best practices added lately: - Finding Partition Load – routing data based on partition load. - Even Data Distribution – simple example explains how to evenly partition application data. - WAN Replication Gateway – Simple blueprint for WAN replication scenario [...]

The Master-Worker Pattern

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The Master-Worker Pattern (sometimes called Master-Slave pattern) is used for parallel processing. It follows a simple approach that allows applications to perform simultaneous processing across multiple machines or processes via a Master and multiple Workers. In GigaSpaces XAP, you can implement the Master-Worker pattern using several methods: - Task Executors [...]

HelloWorld — a bonus readme

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When you download the GigaSpacesXAP product (currently at version 6.6.1) you get a few really nice examples. With those examples come some very detailed instructions and explanations as to how to use GigaSpaces. These instructions are found in the "d...

Dynamic Service Deployment

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I recently created an integration with SunGrid Engine. This was easy to do - requiring only that a listener be written that hears JMX events that are produced by our product. As you may know, with GigaSpaces you can create watches for the services yo...

Edge High Performance Computing

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I ran across this excellent article on Edge HPC and by golly, it sounds like the need for both of the following is growing at a huge rate: Increasing the efficiency of the software solutions made to solve business problems Providing adaptability o...

GigaSpaces XAP 6.5/6.6 new releases

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GigaSpaces 6.5 was released at the end of June, and we are now working on the 6.6 release, with the first milestone already publicly available. These are major milestones in a series of upcoming releases all aimed at strengthening our...

Bridging the gap between the clouds

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Dekel Tankel of GigaSpaces spoke recently to a hip cloud crowd regarding the risks associated with moving an application to the cloud or grid environment. Without a GigaSpaces Space-based architecture (what I refer to as a TPC Architecture ) applica...

Scaling-Out Web Application with GigaSpaces XAP. Part I

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Overview Building a reliable, automatic scaled-out infrastructure for your web application is not a job for the faint of heart. It often involves deep knowledge of your application servers or getting expert consulting. Sometimes both. GigaSpaces XAP application platform will let you do that, and more, with just a few [...]

Geva makes a strong argument…

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In his blog post: here Geva Perry speaks about the dollars and sense regarding setting up shop in a cloud and how GigaSpaces' Elastic Appserver [my term], provides incredible efficiency which leads to greater dollar value realized from your it investm...