Using SSD As A Foundation For New Generations Of Flash Databases

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“You just can't have it all” is a phrase that most of us are accustomed to hearing and that many still believe to be true when discussing the speed, scale and cost of processing data. To reach high speed data...

The next big thing in big data: fast data

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The big data movement was pretty much driven by the demand for scale in velocity, volume, and variety of data. Those three vectors led to the emergence of a new generation of distributed data management platforms such as Hadoop for...


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NoSQL databases provide vast storage and high availability, but at the cost of losing transactions, relational integrity, consistency, and read performance. This post presents an architecture that combines and in-memory datagrid as a high performance transactional layer to a NoSQL database, providing a complete application platform with the high scalability [...]

Making Hadoop Run Faster

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One of the challenges in processing data is that the speed at which we can input data is quite often much faster than the speed at which we can process it. This problem becomes even more pronounced in the context...

How to Take Any App to the Cloud meetup on May 17th

By |2012-05-14T10:47:46+00:00May 14, 2012| GigaSpaces is hosting a cloud computing meetup on how to take any app to the cloud with an all-star panel of CTOs and technical evangelists. Join us for this free, high-energy event on May 17th to hear real world use cases from Microsoft, Aditi, Cisco, GigaSpaces, C24, a Fortune [...]

2012 Cloud, PaaS, NoSQL Predictions

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2011 is coming to its end and now is a good time to start planning for 2012. I thought that a good start would be too look at my 2011 predictions and if my previous (and first) attempt to predict...

Mirroring GigaSpaces XAP to NoSQL

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Ah, caches[0]. Caches are easy to use, but not always easy to load; what typically happens is that you modify your reads and writes to check a cache first (using data from the cache if present, and loading the cache if not; updates store data in the cache as well as the data store, in [...]

Big Data Application Platform

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It's time to think of the architecture and application platforms surrounding "Big Data" databases. Big Data is often centered around new database technologies mostly from the emerging NoSQL world. The main challenge that these databases solve is how to handle...

Yes, Sql!

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See below the slide deck from my session today at QCon SF titled "Yes, Sql!" (hopefully you liked it if you attended :) ). It focuses on how the classic querying models like plain SQL and JPA map to distributed data stores. It first reviews the current...