GigaSpaces Raises $12 Million to Accelerate Digital Transformation

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Increasing Demand for In-Memory Computing Drives Exponential Growth  Today I am extremely proud to announce that GigaSpaces has closed a $12 million round of funding which was led by Fortissimo Capital, joined by existing investors Claridge Israel and BRM Group. This funding will drive accelerated growth, expansion, and product [...]

6 GigaSpaces Hype Technologies as Seen by Gartner Analysts

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Innovating with Confidence is GigaSpaces promise to our customers; focusing on continuous innovation and supporting their needs for agile, rapid and creative innovation at scale, as they strive to develop and deploy enterprise applications for today’s high-speed millisecond world. It has become essential for businesses to transform how they collect, [...]

Magic Software Enterprises Integration Platform Powered by GigaSpaces InsightEdge for Real-Time AI and Machine Learning

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Fast Streaming and Advanced Analytics Provide Magic Customers Real Time Insights to Action Required for Increased Operational Efficiency, Competitiveness and Innovation. GigaSpaces, the provider of InsightEdge, a leading in-memory real-time analytics platform for instant insights to action announced today that InsightEdge has been selected by Magic Software Enterprises to power [...]

GigaSpaces Triples Annual Revenue in France, Building on Strong Global 2017 Results

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In January, GigaSpaces reported strong worldwide growth and profitability for 2017. Today the provider of an in-memory computing (IMC) platform that unifies fast-data analytics, A.I. and real-time applications announced that the company has achieved over 200% year-over-year revenue growth in France. The results reflect growing demand from new and existing [...]

Innovating with Confidence: GigaSpaces' Rebranding Journey

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The first time I saw Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” Ted talk, I was inspired and awed by the simplicity of the golden circle concept, and watching it has profoundly changed the way I think and act as a marketing professional.  Mr. Sinek eloquently explains that “your WHY is the [...]

GigaSpaces Expands IMC Product Line Ecosystem for Dev Community

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In the third quarter of 2016, GigaSpaces entered a new sphere as we completed the two-stage process of expanding our ecosystem, enhancing the value proposition of our IMC product line. From our point of view, it was a necessary step. One that we have been waiting to take for quite some time now. [...]

InsightEdge 1.0 GA: Real-Time Insights, Actionable Analytics

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In the modern digital enterprise, business insights must happen in real time. Many of the applications we want to gain insight from and to optimize generate a deluge of data at very high throughput and micro intervals--business transactions, geospatial coordinates, device sensors, click-stream attributes. The types of data, just like [...]

GigaSpaces XAP 7.1 being released tomorrow!

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This Wednesday, GigaSpaces is releasing XAP 7.1 GA. XAP stands for “eXtreme Application Platform,” and we included a lot of functionality based around earning that kind of name. Well, more than we already did – we’ve always been leaders in scalability. Probably the most visible aspects of the new release [...]

Sun VP CTO to demo xVM-GigaSpaces Integration

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Rich Zippel, VP CTO at Sun Microsystems will be presenting Sun's xVM and integration with GigaSpaces at IGT 2008 - The World Summit of Cloud Computing, 1-2 December in Israel. Built by engineers from Sun's Market Development Engineering Group, GigaSpaces and IGT in Sun's Virtualization Lab in Israel, this integration between Sun's [...]

Closing the gap between multi-core hardware and enterprise applications

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Both Nati Shalom and Geva Perry wrote here before about the missing piece in Cloud Computing and in Virtualization, and how the GigaSpaces middleware provides this piece. Case in point: GigaSpaces and Sun Microsystems recently teamed up to address some aspects of this very problem. We demonstrated how GigaSpace's eXtreme Application [...]

The new XAP.NET 6.6 version

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XAP.NET 6.6 has been recently released, I’m very happy to introduce this new and very cool version. It’s the first time that XAP.NET is a completely stand alone version. The .msi installation provides a fluent self explanatory installation experience. Once installation is completed you get a fully configured ready to [...]

Quantum Leap with XAP 6.5 for .NET

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In an attempt to summarize the new .NET product release, as part of Gigaspaces XAP 6.5, the only phrase that gets into my head is quantum leap. Being the .NET team leader I don’t expect anyone to trust my objectivity, though looking at the list of achievements I guess there [...]

OpenSpaces Developer Challenge WINNERS

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Hurray and congrats to the 3 winners of our developer contest OpenSpaces Developer Challenge! And the winners are (sorted alphabetically)... Jason Carreira with DomainProxy Kirill Ishanov with Gigapult Leonardo Goncalves with GoDo - Goods Donation System Who won the grand prize? How was the review/judging process? What is so special [...]

.Net Customer Announcement: Susquehanna (SIG)

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In the past few months we've made several exciting announcements, such as our partnership with SpringSource , the expansion of our executive team, the launch of our community site , the OpenSpaces Developer Challenge and the Start-Up Program . But there is nothing like a customer announcement, as in [...]