In-Memory Computing: A Comprehensive Guide (2020)

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What Is In-Memory Computing? In-Memory Computing provides super-fast performance (thousands of times faster) and scale of never-ending quantities of data, and simplifies access to increasing numbers of data sources. By storing data in RAM and processing it in parallel, it supplies real-time insights that enable businesses to deliver immediate actions [...]

How Avanza Bank has Grown their Customer Base by 5X, On their Way to One Million Banking Customers

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Today we announced that our customer Avanza Bank is approaching its goal of reaching one Million Banking Customers Powered by our In-Memory Computing Platform. Avanza leverages our In-Memory-Computing platform as the underlying core software architecture to power their completely digitalized banking offering, supporting the growing demand for instant response times [...]

The Future of Financial Trading: Embracing Extreme Processing

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Drawing on the insights shared by GigaSpaces, VP Product Yoav Einav as published in Computer Business Review, this article explores how in-memory computing meets the demands of applications requiring extreme high performance and low latency such as high-frequency trading. There is no doubt that in today’s world, the faster and smarter [...]

GigaSpaces Shortlisted for Three Banking Technology Awards with Leading Financial Customers: Daiwa Capital Markets and Société Générale

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As the Financial Services industry becomes increasingly competitive, our customers are continuously striving to improve the quality of their services. They are leveraging their growing amount of data with innovative new services to optimize operations, reduce risk and enhance customer experience. The diagram below shows how banks prioritize customer experience, [...]

Intel Podcast: GigaSpaces’ Transforms IoT Solutions Using In-Memory Data Grids

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Ali Hodroj, VP of Products and Strategy at GigaSpaces, recently joined an episode of Intel Storage Builders' Conversations in the Cloud to discuss GigaSpaces’ In-Memory Computing Platform. GigaSpaces and Intel have been working together to accelerate global awareness and adoption of in-memory computing analytics architectures and data scalability solutions. To [...]

Event Stream Processing and In-Memory Computing with XAP

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Real-time event stream processing, or just "event processing", refers to a particular, advanced kind of data stream management. To put it simply, information that is being transferred no longer needs to be stored and then processed; instead, it can now be analyzed even while it is in process of being [...]

Introducing XAP 12: Fast Data Meets Open Source In-Memory Computing

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Today, every company in finance, retail, telecommunications and transportation has a fast data agenda. At the heart of this agenda is a scalable fast data application platform that enables three key imperatives. First, optimizing business processes to streamline operational efficiency. Second, simplifying decision making in the moment by harnessing insights. Finally, gaining competitive advantage at the point [...]

Availability and Consistency in the Presence of Partitions

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The CAP theorem provides system designers with a choice between three guarantees: consistency, availability, and partition tolerance. While partitions are rare, there is an incredible range of flexibility for handling partitions and recovering from them. Thus, our goal is to allow combinations of consistency and availability and not worry about [...]

REST Data Service Over In-Memory Data Grid

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Applications are written in diverse and often remote environments. Storing and accessing data needs to be simple and portable, which is why REST (representational state transfer) is often the go-to protocol for web services. And yet, using REST for data services can pose a number of challenges: Performance (clients should [...]

What’s New in XAP 11.0

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We have just released XAP 11.0 and we're excited to share with you its new features. Geospatial API In today’s world geospatial data is on the rise—mobile phones and various sensors provide ever-changing location information on the one hand, while countless applications are interested in querying this data on the [...]

Space Based Microservices

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Martin Fowler and James Lewis's microservices paper has been influencing many development teams and projects around the world. As such, this software architecture style has gained prominence among web-scale startups and enterprises. In this post, we'll look at how microservices related to SBA and GigaSpaces XAP. We will review the [...]

Posted on IT Jungle – Magic Goes In-Memory With App Framework

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Written by Alex Woodie, IT Jungle Magic Software recently launched a new release of its application development and runtime framework that features in-memory data grid (IMDG) technology. The IMDG - which will eventually support IBM i - will bolster the scalability, stability, and elasticity of applications developed with xpa Application [...]