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How Avanza Bank has Grown their Customer Base by 5X, On their Way to One Million Banking Customers

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Today we announced that our customer Avanza Bank is approaching its goal of reaching one Million Banking Customers Powered by our In-Memory Computing Platform. Avanza leverages our In-Memory-Computing platform as the underlying core software architecture to power their completely digitalized banking offering, supporting the growing demand for instant response times [...]

Live Risk Result Store Fueled by a Distributed Operational Calculation Engine

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Risk management systems are being used consistently by many organizations, ingesting data and producing reports on levels of business risks - from strategic, compliance and operational risks to financial and reputational risks. But are these reports delivering sufficient insight on a timely basis?  Consider financial services, insurance applications, payment processing [...]

Operationalizing Real-Time Machine Learning – A Financial Services Case Study

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One of my favorite films that depicted the power of Machine Learning (ML) for predictive analysis is Moneyball (2011). In the film, Brad Pitt who plays Billy Beane, the Manager of the Oakland A's,  hires a Yale Economics graduate who uses computer-generated analysis of historical data and predictive modeling to [...]

The Future of Financial Trading: Embracing Extreme Processing

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Drawing on the insights shared by GigaSpaces, VP Product Yoav Einav as published in Computer Business Review, this article explores how in-memory computing meets the demands of applications requiring extreme high performance and low latency such as high-frequency trading. There is no doubt that in today’s world, the faster and smarter [...]

Are you Ready to Handle the Black Friday Traffic Spike?

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Each year Black Friday poses an ever-increasing challenge to ecommerce businesses. This year’s Black Friday will bring even more turmoil according to Adobe’s 2018 online shopping predictions forecast of $5.9B revenue and a growth rate of 17.2% over last year. The report also forecasts $124 Billion in U.S. online sales [...]

GigaSpaces Shortlisted for Three Banking Technology Awards with Leading Financial Customers: Daiwa Capital Markets and Société Générale

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As the Financial Services industry becomes increasingly competitive, our customers are continuously striving to improve the quality of their services. They are leveraging their growing amount of data with innovative new services to optimize operations, reduce risk and enhance customer experience. The diagram below shows how banks prioritize customer experience, [...]

Leveraging Advanced Analytics for Real-Time Fraud and Money Laundering Detection

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This post was originally published on Global Banking & Finance. Fraud detection is a billion-dollar problem in finance, affecting consumers and banks alike. Deploying and running advanced analytics on data as it's born will help financial institutions detect and prevent money laundering and other fraudulent activities while eliminating the need to provision [...]

Boost Instant Payments Solutions with In-Memory Computing

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The payment industry is in the midst of a revolution. The shift to cashless commerce and digital payments has transformed the way we pay, the services we use and our expectations as customers. With the explosion of bitcoins, mobile wallets, “tap and go” payment transactions, peer-to-peer money-transfer apps and more, [...]

3 Ways Real-time Analytics is Revolutionizing the Finance Industry

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Financial services firms spent $6.4 billion on data-related programs in 2015, according to Accenture, and they predict this amount to grow at approximately 26 percent each year for the next two years. So, what are these firms spending their budget on? In a word: Transformation. Today, financial services companies not [...]

Architecting Massively-Scalable Near-Real-Time Risk Analysis Solutions

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Recently I held a webinar around architecting solutions for scalable and near-real-time risk analysis solutions based on the experience gathered with our Financial Services customers. In the webinar I also had the honor of hosting Mr. Larry Mitchel, a leading expert in the … Continue reading