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Real-world Insights From Intel and SIG on How to Become Data-driven

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In today’s world of exponential data growth, what matters most is how you discover and implement actionable insights from data. To do this, you need systems that will uncover insights in real-time and drive you to instantly act upon them for achieving impactful business results. Where else but at the [...]

Recapping our London and Paris Insight-Driven Organization Events: Accelerating Innovation and Operationalizing AI

By |2018-06-07T07:31:37+00:00June 7, 2018|

In today’s fast-paced world of “now,” and the exponential growth of data and connected devices (IoT), organizations strive to get from data to advanced analytics to action with a latency of only sub-seconds. Those who successfully achieve this will gain strategic insights more quickly and accurately and make smarter, data-driven [...]

Highlights from our NYC Insight-Driven Organization Event

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Today we can't help but notice a rapid growth in adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations across industries such as financial services, healthcare, transportation, telco and retail. As AI leads the next big wave in computing, many organizations are focused on becoming insight-driven, now more than ever. At our Insight-Driven [...]

GigaSpaces Machine Learning for Enterprise Innovation Event in Paris

By |2018-02-26T03:22:02+00:00February 26, 2018|

Across all industries, machine learning and predictive analytics are being leveraged to build apps that create high-value markets. Join GigaSpaces and top industry leaders from ActiveViam, Intel, Crédit Agricole, and Capgemini for a panel discussion and drinks in Paris on March 15, to learn from industry leaders how machine learning [...]

Insights from Société Générale, Intel, CapGemni, and ActiveViam: Recapping Our Paris Insight-Driven Organization Event

By |2017-10-25T05:27:08+00:00October 25, 2017|

Industry leaders from Société Générale, Intel, CapGemni, and ActiveViam took the stage at our Insight-Driven Organization Event in Paris last week to share insights and details about their approach on how to become an insight-driven organization. The combination of thought leadership, technical content, and demonstrations resonated with the audience of [...]

Event Alert: Join the Digital Transformation with ClubMed and Société Générale

By |2017-01-23T02:00:32+00:00January 23, 2017|

Join us on February 21, 2017 for an executive gathering to hear how GigaSpaces XAP helps Société Générale and ClubMed solve scalability and distribution challenges in their most demanding transactional applications while lowering total cost of ownership. Learn how ClubMed and Société Générale Drive Business Value with Real-Time Insights from [...]

UBS and GigaSpaces to Host London Executive Breakfast

By |2016-10-26T10:00:48+00:00October 26, 2016|

In a typical large-scale banking operation, hundreds of systems process trades of different asset classes and markets. This is an expensive environment on which to innovate. There is still much to be desired when it comes to building resilient data-centric architectures. On Tuesday November 15, GigaSpaces and UBS will tackle this [...]