It Just Got Way Easier for Developers to Try XAP and Here's Why

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If you haven't already heard, GigaSpaces recently released an open-source version of XAP for the developer community, at-large. Yep, we're OPEN and that means you can try XAP for yourself.  This newly released version makes it really easy for developers to experience XAP for free in their development environments. Check out our newest Hello World [...]

Posted on IT Jungle – Magic Goes In-Memory With App Framework

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Written by Alex Woodie, IT Jungle Magic Software recently launched a new release of its application development and runtime framework that features in-memory data grid (IMDG) technology. The IMDG - which will eventually support IBM i - will bolster the scalability, stability, and elasticity of applications developed with xpa Application [...]

PaaS as Infrastructure

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The blurring line between PaaS and IaaS The core of IaaS services is centered around Compute, Storage Network however over the past years the infrastructure moved up the stack and includes more application services such as Database as a Service,...

Putting DevOps and PaaS together with Cloudify

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DevOps and PaaS represent two different paradigms for delivering applications to the cloud. DevOps - DevOps takes an automation approach - with DevOps we basically script the process of installation, configuration and deployment of the application stack. PaaS - PaaS...

DevOps Meets PaaS from NY Meetup with Chef

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  DevOps Meets PaaS - NY Meetup with Chef (OpsCode) If you missed out on the live version, catch Uri Cohen's presentation with OpsCode at the DevOps PaaS Infusion Meetup NY on June 19th. Session abstract:  The concept of DevOps and recipes can go well beyond setup, to actually accelerate [...]

OpenStack is Coming to Israel

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I'm very excited to announce our first OpenStack Israel event on Wednesday the 30th of May in Petach Tikva in collaboration with the IGT Cloud and Rackspace. Since Avner Algom and myself started to work on the event a few...

Mapping the Cloud/PaaS Stack

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Cloud is evolving at an incredible pace, changing almost every aspect of our industry. It’s only natural then, that with this change also comes a continuous evolution of how we classify and categorize the various components of the cloud stack....