Application Architecture

Moving into Production Checklist

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You are about to complete your existing project , all the functionality is in place , all unit tests are passing , profiling done and there are no visible bottlenecks , benchmarks been executed and the system seems to scale and perform nicely: You (think you) are ready to move [...]

The Master-Worker Pattern

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The Master-Worker Pattern (sometimes called Master-Slave pattern) is used for parallel processing. It follows a simple approach that allows applications to perform simultaneous processing across multiple machines or processes via a Master and multiple Workers. In GigaSpaces XAP, you can implement the Master-Worker pattern using several methods: - Task Executors [...]

JavaOne 2009 Lab – PetClinic in the Clouds

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This year JavaOne will include really cool lab - PetClinic in the Clouds: Scaling a Classic Enterprise Application. In this Hands-on Lab, participants will take a popular Web application (the Spring PetClinic sample application) and modify it so that it can be deployed on the Amazon EC2 cloud computing infrastructure. [...]

Benchmarking on the Cloud – Your Definitive Check List!

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Introduction Evaluating a new software product usually involves running benchmark tests many times, to assess the different capabilities of the product using some measurable elements. Generally, the end result of such tests is a matrix that includes the product latency, throughput or scalability values. Such a matrix compares the product [...]

Ultra-Scalable and Blazing-Fast: The Sun Fire x4450-Intel 7460-GigaSpaces XAP Platform – 1.8 million operations/sec!

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Introduction Over the past several years highly concurrent applications have faced some serious challenges when trying to scale on multi core machines. GigaSpaces scale-out-application server aims to solve this problem by freeing the user from dealing with the need to handle concurrency while building his distributed application. For the last [...]

Daniel Gradecak's Blog-Are JavaSpaces recognized?

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I’ve been reading this nice post from Daniel Gradecak's blogs. He is asking interesting questions about how architects building their systems and how JavaSpaces and SBA are used when designing distributed systems. See my comment as a feedback to his questions. Thank you Daniel for this post! Shay

Closing the gap between multi-core hardware and enterprise applications

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Both Nati Shalom and Geva Perry wrote here before about the missing piece in Cloud Computing and in Virtualization, and how the GigaSpaces middleware provides this piece. Case in point: GigaSpaces and Sun Microsystems recently teamed up to address some aspects of this very problem. We demonstrated how GigaSpace's eXtreme Application [...]

XAP.NET speaks Java?

By |2008-10-05T13:00:47+00:00October 5, 2008|

One of the key features of GigaSpaces XAP/XAP.NET is the seamless interoperability of .NET Java and C++, This can happen because that the product core is developed in Java and entries are saved inside the space in a generic, language free, form, allowing each specific programming language to interact with [...]

The new XAP.NET 6.6 version

By |2008-10-05T12:44:10+00:00October 5, 2008|

XAP.NET 6.6 has been recently released, I’m very happy to introduce this new and very cool version. It’s the first time that XAP.NET is a completely stand alone version. The .msi installation provides a fluent self explanatory installation experience. Once installation is completed you get a fully configured ready to [...]

Scaling-Out Web Application with GigaSpaces XAP. Part I

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Overview Building a reliable, automatic scaled-out infrastructure for your web application is not a job for the faint of heart. It often involves deep knowledge of your application servers or getting expert consulting. Sometimes both. GigaSpaces XAP application platform will let you do that, and more, with just a few [...]