Higher Performance, Scalability and Smarter Real-Time Insights are Powering Today’s Insight Driven Organizations

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2018,  was a year of innovation, efficiency and agility as data generation continues to grow at unprecedented rates and the world simply becomes faster and indeed smarter.  The year proved that the need for speed and scale is escalating, and meaningful artificial intelligence (AI) and ML deployments are beginning to [...]

GigaSpaces InsightEdge Platform with Intel® Technology Accelerates AI Innovations

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Latest Benchmark Shows Dramatic Performance Improvements when combining the power of InsightEdge Platform, Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® Optane™ Solid State Drives GigaSpaces today announced the results of a benchmarking study that spotlight improvements of the latest Intel® hardware breakthroughs. The study compared GigaSpaces InsightEdge Platform on Intel® Xeon® [...]

Terabyte Elastic Cache clusters on Cisco UCS and Amazon EC2

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Overview Last week I was working on a new opportunity. The prospect needs to store 1 Terabyte of data in memory to address scalability challenges and were interested in using GigaSpaces. I was tasked with creating a demonstration of this and want to share my experience as a blog post. [...]

Terracotta ehCache vs. GigaSpaces Cache benchmark

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Are you Really using the Fastest and Most Scalable Cache with your Application? We are hearing lately reports from several accounts "discovering" that Terracotta ehcache is not the fastest and most scalable cache out there. GigaSpaces local cache actually performs much better. With the benchmark results below we see GigaSpaces [...]

Possible Impossibility – The Race to Zero Latency

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I recently read a book called: "Physics of the Impossible" by the theoretical physicist Michio Kaku. Dr. Kaku lists "Possible Impossibilities" and classifies these into different categories where all these "impossibilities" may happen in the near/distant future. When talking about "zero latency", I consider this something we can achieve today. The [...]

new and modified best practices

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Our best practices wiki is growing rapidly and full with good and useful material. Here are few new best practices added lately: - Finding Partition Load – routing data based on partition load. - Even Data Distribution – simple example explains how to evenly partition application data. - WAN Replication Gateway – Simple blueprint for WAN replication scenario [...]

mea culpa: “Offheap access is slow?”

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Steve Harris has been commenting on dzone about my last post, “BigMemory: Heap Envy.” One of his comments linked to a blog post of his, “Direct Buffer Access Is Slow, Really?,” in which he says that direct access is not slow, and therefore one of my points was invalid. Well, folks, he’s right, for all intents [...]

Moving into Production Checklist

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You are about to complete your existing project , all the functionality is in place , all unit tests are passing , profiling done and there are no visible bottlenecks , benchmarks been executed and the system seems to scale and perform nicely: You (think you) are ready to move [...]

Benchmarking on the Cloud – Your Definitive Check List!

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Introduction Evaluating a new software product usually involves running benchmark tests many times, to assess the different capabilities of the product using some measurable elements. Generally, the end result of such tests is a matrix that includes the product latency, throughput or scalability values. Such a matrix compares the product [...]

Ultra-Scalable and Blazing-Fast: The Sun Fire x4450-Intel 7460-GigaSpaces XAP Platform – 1.8 million operations/sec!

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Introduction Over the past several years highly concurrent applications have faced some serious challenges when trying to scale on multi core machines. GigaSpaces scale-out-application server aims to solve this problem by freeing the user from dealing with the need to handle concurrency while building his distributed application. For the last [...]

You want it Fast or Super Fast? – The IB, 10GbE , GigE Benchmark

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With the current global financial meltdown, the ability to effectively compete becomes essential. Faster data access and sharing are critical for business success. Speed is critical for beating the competition, translating into a need for better latency. With MW products this means the ability to push your data from the [...]