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The Seven Most Popular APIs in Big Data – Part 2

By |2014-10-07T21:32:05+00:00October 7, 2014|

Many APIs, Same Data In “The Seven Most Popular APIs in Big Data—Part One,” I described the various forms of popular data management APIs out there and how they’re often used. As I noted toward the end of the post,...

Using SSD As A Foundation For New Generations Of Flash Databases

By |2014-07-30T01:29:43+00:00July 30, 2014|

“You just can't have it all” is a phrase that most of us are accustomed to hearing and that many still believe to be true when discussing the speed, scale and cost of processing data. To reach high speed data...

PaaS as Infrastructure

By |2012-10-17T11:31:18+00:00October 17, 2012|

The blurring line between PaaS and IaaS The core of IaaS services is centered around Compute, Storage Network however over the past years the infrastructure moved up the stack and includes more application services such as Database as a Service,...

Lessons from the Heroku/Amazon Outage

By |2012-08-26T07:29:39+00:00August 26, 2012|

Earlier this week we experienced the third significant AWS outage in the past 14 months, as reported by Justin Lee in his report Heroku, Pinterest Among Sites Knocked Offline in Amazon Data Center Outage on theWhirr magazine: An Amazon data...

Making Hadoop Run Faster

By |2012-08-21T07:56:51+00:00August 21, 2012|

One of the challenges in processing data is that the speed at which we can input data is quite often much faster than the speed at which we can process it. This problem becomes even more pronounced in the context...

Putting DevOps and PaaS together with Cloudify

By |2012-08-02T05:29:33+00:00August 2, 2012|

DevOps and PaaS represent two different paradigms for delivering applications to the cloud. DevOps - DevOps takes an automation approach - with DevOps we basically script the process of installation, configuration and deployment of the application stack. PaaS - PaaS...

What should Marissa Mayer do with Yahoo!

By |2012-07-24T05:20:16+00:00July 24, 2012|

Last week the internet exploded as the news of the new appointment of Marissa Mayer as the new CEO of Yahoo sparked. Most of the discussion was centered around the speculation of why Marissa left Google - clearly the market...