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Accelerating Data Lakes for Faster, Smarter Insights

By |2019-06-17T09:00:24+00:00June 17, 2019|

We’re Living in a Data-Driven Eravoic Today, most organizations are focused on becoming data-driven, as they try to take advantage of data lake technologies, streaming and associated technologies for the processing of data in motion. This drive to become data-driven means increasing investments in data processing, analytics and machine learning [...]

There's HOAP for the Insight-Driven Enterprise: The Emergence of Hybrid Operational and Analytic Data Processing

By |2018-07-18T09:55:12+00:00July 18, 2018|

We recently hosted a webinar together with Matt Aslett, Research Director for the Data Platform and Analytics Channel with 451 Research to discuss HOAP for the Insight-Driven Enterprise: The Emergence of Hybrid Operational and Analytic Data Processing. It was so successful that we decided to share some of the highlights [...]

Event Stream Processing and In-Memory Computing with XAP

By |2016-09-28T08:15:54+00:00September 28, 2016|

Real-time event stream processing, or just "event processing", refers to a particular, advanced kind of data stream management. To put it simply, information that is being transferred no longer needs to be stored and then processed; instead, it can now be analyzed even while it is in process of being [...]

Availability and Consistency in the Presence of Partitions

By |2016-06-02T22:20:20+00:00June 2, 2016|

The CAP theorem provides system designers with a choice between three guarantees: consistency, availability, and partition tolerance. While partitions are rare, there is an incredible range of flexibility for handling partitions and recovering from them. Thus, our goal is to allow combinations of consistency and availability and not worry about [...]

In Memory Computing, Hadoop and the "Lambda Architecture"

By |2015-09-30T12:04:43+00:00September 30, 2015|

Introduction Hadoop is a popular system for batch processing massive amounts of data on potentially vast farms of commodity hardware. However, Hadoop deployments are rarely stand alone.  Hadoop is a component of a big data stack that includes systems for delivering massive data streams, and delivering calculated results in an [...]