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XAP on Cloudify Part 1

By |2013-10-11T15:10:56+00:00October 11, 2013|

Introduction GigaSpaces XAP has lacked an official Cloudify recipe for some time now, and this series of posts will address my efforts to create one. The task of automating the deployment and management of the potentially complex suite of services that XAP represents is a challenge in and of itself, [...]

Overview of what is new in XAP.NET 8.0.1

By |2011-04-08T17:23:55+00:00April 8, 2011|

Docu.NET API One of GigaSpaces XAP 8.0 new APIs is the SpaceDocument that provides the power of having schema-less objects stored and used within the Space. In 8.0.1 we have added the SpaceDocument to the XAP.NET, which was given the cool code name - Docu.NET. In short, a document is [...]

Schema evolution in XAP.NET 8.0.1

By |2011-04-07T02:05:47+00:00April 7, 2011|

GigaSpaces XAP.NET 8.0.1 introduces a few cool new features such as SpaceDocument (code name: Docu.NET API) as well as dynamic properties. Roughly speaking, a SpaceDocument is a virtual document-like type that can be written and read from the space like any other regular object, however, it provides a more dynamic [...]

New Service Grid Admin API for .NET

By |2010-03-10T18:46:12+00:00March 10, 2010|

New to XAP.NET 7.1 is the service grid admin API. This API is vast and provides capabilities for managing the entire GigaSpaces environment in a simple fashion. It can be used for many different uses such as monitoring statistics and the state of the different components. Another common usage would [...]

Why GigaSpaces XAP 7.0.1 is cloud-aware?

By |2009-09-18T02:51:54+00:00September 18, 2009|

One of the lessons we’ve learned over the last year of integrating with large set of cloud solutions is that the classic IT roles and responsibilities do not apply anymore. For example, setting up a new production machine which is usually the respons...

7.0.1 – One giant step for XAP.NET

By |2009-09-17T04:09:15+00:00September 17, 2009|

Even though 7.0.1 is considered a minor version, when it comes to XAP.NET, it offers very powerful set of new features which improve the initial user experience, better monitoring capabilities and most importantly, exposing remote services over the grid. I feel very confident by saying that 7.0.1 XAP.NET offers a [...]